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Influence is one of the most powerful privileges we are granted in our relationships. Learn how to amplify your influence in a way that inspires natural growth with the MASTER plan.

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Do You Desire to Engage With People Around a Topic or Passion of Yours?

Do You Have a Book Inside You But Not Sure Where to Start?

Are You a Mentor or Coach Wanting to Expand Your Reach?

Ready to Learn How to Build Streams of Income From Your Expertise?

Learn How to Connect With Your Audience Through a Simple and Creative Blueprint

Influence is one of the most powerful privileges we are granted in our relationships.

Learn how to amplify your influence in a way that inspires natural growth.

After years of developing a successful system to engage with our audiences in our own business and ministry, we are sharing what we have learned along the way -- and it is powerful stuff!

My name is Jenni Hunt.

Back in 2015, Ryan Reger approached me to help him build a mentoring program for a new book he had published, Private Label the Easy Way.

We successfully grew a thriving community where students are learning how to apply the principles in his book to be successful in their own business... and we have made six-figures doing it. As we documented the system we used, I quickly noticed that I had been implementing this in my business for the last 5+ years without even realizing it.

It didn't take long for us to recognize the incredible power behind this simple system

...and we are eager to share it with others so they can successfully reach and engage with their audience as well.

The Master Plan of Influence is designed to walk you through growing your idea or message to reach a larger audience in ways that are simple - but you may have never thought possible.

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We share the entire blue-print we used to grow from zero to a six-figure income through multiple revenue streams in our short book, The Master Plan of Influence. Snag your FREE copy today!

Perhaps you have noticed a problem within your circle of influence and you have discovered a solution that you want to share. Maybe there is a need that you can meet by teaching others new skills. You may have written and published a book and are wondering what's next? Is it written and done with now?

Learn how you can grow that message or content to continue to reach and influence others.

This is where the Master Plan of Influence shines!

The MPI helps you break down the problem and your solution into bite sized chunks that your audience can digest while encouraging them to move onto the next course of the meal.

To make this process super simple, the Master Plan of Influence is based on an acronym: MASTER. Ideally, you would start with a message or idea that meets a need a group of people have... and as you move through from the "M" to the "R", your involvement increases with your audience to meet that need... and so does the revenue.

Are you tired of punching out training material or valuable content...
only to have it sit on the virtual bookshelves of your customers?

We have Good News!

We are convinced this system works. We have seen it over and over again in our own businesses on various levels and are very excited to share it.

We are even MORE excited to walk you through step by step with our new mentoring program!

As a Mentoring Student You Will...

  • Participate in 6 LIVE Webinar Training sessions where we go through each phase of the MPI system! ($597 value!)

  • Access to the private mentoring community using the Facebook platform where we are available to answer questions and brainstorm with you to lead you to success. ($997+ value)

  • Additional advanced training. We are committed to providing the tools and resources you need to be successful. Watch for new content to spark your creativity and deepen your funnel strategy. ($100+ value)

  • Opportunity for partnership and join-venture ($thousands of dollars in opportunity!)

We know this system works. We've seen it in action and use it to successfully reach our own audiences.

The value is through the roof and we could easily charge $3,000.

But, we are MORE concerned about getting this into the hands of people with a valuable message to share than we are about making money on the training...

The Master Plan of Influence Mentoring
charter price is only $97!

(Seriously, even as I am typing this I'm thinking
we are a little crazy - the value is huge!)

For less than a hundred bucks you get 6 LIVE Training Webinars walking you through the system.

You get a community where we are available to brainstorm and answer questions you have.

You get access to additional advanced training.

And... you get opportunity and joint venture on future projects. This is HUGE.

YES! I am READY to jump in and start engaging with my audience!

We want to make sure this is for YOU though... if you aren't sure, download the Master Plan of Influence Short Report where we explain in more detail how the MPI can work to help you reach your audience.


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